Breathe your way to a long life



Breathe your way to long health. Surprised !

Have you ever wondered at the longevity secrets of animals and people?
What do all these have in common: Turtles, elephants, camel - They live a long life (as compared to human years)

The secret lies in their breath rate.

People who live high stress lives, lose their temper easily and highly emotional generally do not make it to a long life.

Animals breath less per day and live longer. Whenever we are stressed, angry or are in despair, we breathe faster. On the contrary, we need to regulate and hold our breath. We often hear or use this term - gasping for breath. It means we are struggling to breathe or are feeling suffocated. We open our mouth and breathe and then bring the situation under control.

Generally, when people have lost something or someone and are desolate, we hug them and relieve their misery. However, what we do without noticing is we regulate the other person's heartbeat and breathing and help him recover, albeit slowly.
So breathe slowly and steadily and live longer.

Suicide identification and prevention


Right from time immemorial, we have had people committing suicide through various means. Based on interaction with psychiatrists and psychologists, I am posting this.

People who tend to commit suicide do not do it on the spur of the moment. They plan it in advance for quite some time before putting it into action.

How do we identify people with such a tendency?


- who suddenly withdraw from all interactions with others

- who have a pessimistic outlook towards life

- who lost a near and dear one due to illness or accidents

- who have lost their love (or lover)

- who are in financial mess

- who have failed in exams

- whose families have a tendency to commit suicide.

How do we get through to such people and help them?

As Dale Carnegie rightly pointed out in his masterpiece: "How to Win Friends and influence People", listening to the outpourings from such people is a huge ask. People who indulge in suicide generally a feeling of not being loved, uncared for. All they look for is a sympathetic soul who patiently listens to their problems. It is incumbent on these listeners to work out with these suicide people and talk them out of it.

Working with their families and close friends secretly and behind the scenes we can help them in getting the initial plan to commit suicide. At times, a change of location certainly helps, alternatively taking a break from daily routine and going for a vacation (to a tourist spot or a holy place - pilgrimage) can cause a change of heart. However, we should not think that our victim will end this. He needs to be monitored regularly, without intruding too much into his privacy. Working with counsellors, anonymous social groups (similar to Alcoholic Anonymous) and helping these victims is also important.

Another shocking way to help is taking these victims to families, who have lost their loved ones recently to suicide. Once they understand the gravity of the situation and the impact of suicide on society as well as one's family and loved ones, they will tend to realise the stupidity of the act.

All of these might or not might work in preventing suicide, but there is no harm in trying to help save lives. All lives are precious and no amount of money on earth can bring back a dead one.

Let's take it as a challenge and duty to help alleviate the suffering of our brethern and prevent the unnecessary loss of lives.

Sex up your married life



Remember the thrill, fun and adventure when you entered into family life as husband and wife. In the initial days of our relationship, we enjoyed lots of sex, rested and came back to enjoy more of the same.

As days pass our interest in our sex lives wane and we return to our daily routine of getting ready for the office, rushing about our job and returning with one hand on the Television remote. This is what has been happening since the advent of the Television (20th century onwards).

If we just went into the early decades of the 20th century, we would have seen our grandparents enjoying a happy life with lots of fun and noise in the house (caused by the children playing).

What has caused this? We are more intent on getting through the day, than getting back to the sack and enjoying our conjugal bliss. While sex alone does not constitute a happy married life, lack of it hampers our relationship to a great extent.

Have regular sex with your partner, twice a week at least. This will rev up your married life. This is also a great exercise, stress buster and relieves you from insomnia. There are lots of ways to look younger and fitter - having sex is certainly one of them.

So sex up your a healthy and happy married life